Application Scope of Environmental Management System

Head Office/Mill  Location
1-1-18 Deguchi
Hirakata City
Osaka Prefecture, Japan
TEL : 072-841-3021
Business Scope
Manufacture of Textile-related Machinery Parts
Component Personnel
All employees
(including part-time jobber employed or dispatched by other companies)


We, the KANPATSU KOGYO CO., LTD., recognize properly that the conservation of the global environment is one of the most important themes common for all human races and we aim to be an enterprise capable for minimizing the burden on it in every aspect of our business activities.


We, the KANPATSU KOGYO CO., LTD., understand always the importance of the environmental conservation, when we develop our business operation throughout the manufacturing and sales activities of the textile machinery parts and components and to this end we establish an “Environmental Policy” for the purpose of minimizing the environmental risk factors. Our whole personnel will do our best to improve the environmental quality and curb its degradation.

1. Promotion of More Efficient Use of Resources and Energy Saving

We struggle for the environmental load cutting and resource saving, pollution prevention and good environmental conservation by means of drastic curtailment of electric power and fossil energy like petroleum, as well as by reduction of defective products.

2. Continuous Promotion of Environmental Conservation-related Activities

We establish the targets to materialize our environmental policy and carry out periodical amendment . We set and practice an action plan for achieving the targets, thus improving the environmental performance and achieving sustainable improvements of the environmental management system.

3. Observance of Environment-related Laws and Regulations

We abide by the environment-related laws, regulations and ordinances of the Country, Osaka Prefecture and Hirakata City as well as their requirements provided those are consented by us.

4. Enlightenment Promotion

We enrich our environment-related education and training program and promote activities to raise awareness of each and every employee for them to be able to know and put into practice our action plans to reduce the environmental burden.

We make this environmental policy known to every person working in our company and at the same time make public release in our home page.

7 June, 2017
Shinnosuke Kitamura
Representative Director